Alison Rahil

Position: Executive Officer Anti-Slavery Taskforce Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

Alison is the Executive Officer of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Anti-Slavery Taskforce. The Taskforce founded the Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network (ACAN) in response to the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. ACAN is a collaboration of 36 Catholic entities across a range of sectors including finance and investment, schools and universities, health and aged care and social services. ACAN entities share tools and resources as part of a comprehensive modern slavery risk management program.

The Taskforce has commenced a new initiative – Domus 8.7, an independent remediation process to support people impacted by modern slavery and to assist businesses with any concerns about situations of extreme labour exploitation in their operations or supply chains.

The Taskforce is managing ‘Building Links’, a project funded by an Australian Government Modern Slavery Grant.

Alison is a member of the University of Auckland Centre for Research on Modern Slavery Advisory Group and an Associate of the Macquarie University Business School Centre for Workforce Futures.

Alison has considerable experience identifying and assisting victims of wage theft, labour exploitation, forced labour, debt bondage, deceptive recruitment and human trafficking.

Before commencing with the Sydney Archdiocese, Alison worked for the WalkFree Foundation as Pacific Consultant. Alison also worked for the Salvation Army’s Freedom Partnership to End Modern Slavery, and played an active role in successful advocacy for Australia’s Modern Slavery legislation.

Alison is a labour rights specialist having spent 16 years representing workers in wide range of sectors from airports, cargo terminals to abattoirs. Alison has represented workers in the prosecution of civil cases against employers for underpayment of wages and a myriad of workplace disputes from WHS to outsourcing and sub-contracting.
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