Myla Bulaon

Position: Myla Bulaon, Category Management, NSW Department of Community Services & Justice Driving sustainability outcomes in facilities management, electricity, gas and waste management, security, and operations.

Outcomes-focused, project-driven procurement executive who leads teams to deliver innovation and measureable improvements in procurement practices. Collaborative leader with over 15 years of experience in NSW Government procurement. A strong advocate of social responsibility, supplier diversity and ethical supply chains.


★ Led and successfully delivered the whole of government contracts devolution program over 12 months, leading a matrix team of up to 8 staff.

★ Led Office of Environment procurement accreditation process, achieving targeted Level 2C.

★ Designed a supply model that expanded supply chain and dynamic sourcing capabilities. This model has been successfully implemented in three client agencies.

★ Designed and implemented a supplier performance reporting system which yielded annual savings in health consumables.

★ Designed and implemented “source-to-contract” probity-rich processes and methodologies as part of procurement transformation, which resulted in faster time to market and maximised opportunities across 17 Area Health Services.